Gardeners who maintained a raised bed at the King Street Memorial Community Garden may begin to renew for the next season.

In order to be considered for renewal, gardeners must have maintained their bed well during the previous season. If the bed was not maintained, the gardener was contacted by the committee and the bed revoked. Gardeners in good standing have already been contacted by the committee.

Do not begin gardening until you have paid your yearly lease.

The season fee is $40 and is payable to The Town of Franklin. The application will be processed through the Franklin Recreation Department, 150 Emmons Street (Old Town Hall)
There is no online registration for renewals. Gardeners must call Franklin Recreation at 508-520-4909 or visit during office hours.

Garden beds not renewed by the next season will be assigned to the next person on the wait list.

Gardeners may not reassign their plot to anyone else.

Waiting List Information

There is already an established waiting list. The wait list be be reopened later this season. Currently we have more names than available gardens. When this happens, we will post news on our front page.

Available gardens will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis (we follow a date/time stamped list from the signup at Franklin Rec) and assignments will begin at the beginning of the season, pending available space at the garden.

There is no fee to join the wait list; the $40 fee will only be charged when a garden is assigned.

For Specific Seasonal Dates, Further Info or other Questions,
please click Here to contact the Franklin Community Garden Committee